What Questions Should Job References Be Answering?

References are an absolutely essential part of a candidate’s application. Not only are they able to verify basic employment history, but they also have insight into the candidate’s personality as a whole, which can be instrumental in helping you determine whether they will be the right fit for your company. So when you hire a pre-employment screening service to check in with job references, what are the target questions they should be asking? Read on to find out.

Just the Facts, Please

First and foremost, a job reference should be used to verify the basic information that a candidate has reported on their resume. Asking when the employee worked for their former company, what position they held, what salary they received, and what their reasons for leaving were, and then checking that information with what the candidate has said will help you determine from the start whether or not they are reliable. Other basic info, such as an employee’s punctuality or any promotions they received, is also helpful to learn through their references.

Painting a Picture

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Job references should be asked about more than just the bare bones facts, of course. They should be able to shed a light on what kind of employee the candidate in question was, what their personality was like, whether they got along well with their coworkers, etc. Even asking about an employee’s specific skill set is something that a job reference should be able to speak to; they can help you determine whether their responsibilities at their old job will translate well into a new environment.

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