Prescreening Reveals Gaps Between Jobs: Now What?

Employee prescreening is an essential part of the hiring process. With all of the helpful information it can provide you, you can determine which targeted questions to ask your potential employees when they come in for their final interviews. If, for instance, prescreening shows that an applicant has spent large gaps of time between jobs, you can do a little more digging to find out why. Read on to find out more.

prescreening-job-gapsWhy Would An Applicant Have Gaps Between Jobs?

So the results of your employee prescreening have shown not one, not two, but several periods of unemployment between the jobs of a given applicant. Ordinarily, this kind of red flag would have employers reaching for the next application in the pile, but job gaps are not always necessarily bad things. When interviewing your potential employee or conducting further prescreening to research these job gaps, consider the following questions:

1.)    Can a gap between jobs be attributed to a specific life event? The applicant in question may have had to take time off of work after the birth of a child, to cope with the death of a close family member, or to care for a sick relative living on their own.

2.)    Did the applicant return to school at any point? Pay close attention to the years listed on an applicant’s resume. Was their advanced degree earned during the years they were otherwise unemployed? Going back to school is a logical explanation for taking time off work, and rather than making the applicant unappealing, the fact that they earned an advanced degree could even make them a more attractive potential hire.

3.)    Was the applicant ever self-employed? Some individuals spend time working independently, perhaps even trying to get their own company off the ground. If those efforts were unsuccessful, they may not feel they are noteworthy enough to list on a resume, leaving an unexplained gap in employment that can be explained away by employee prescreening.

Gaps between jobs can have any number of explanations behind them; use employee prescreening to find out what they are!

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