New Year, New Employees: The Guide to January Hiring

Maybe you’re in the process of expanding your company for the new quarter, maybe you’ve simply weeded out some of the bad apples in your bunch: whatever the reason behind it is, January is your big month for making new hires. It makes sense to start the new year out right with a team of qualified, motivated workers- that is, if you can find them. In order to make the right hiring decisions for 2015, follow these tips from AIR Pre-Hire!

January HiringFinding the Right Candidates for January Hiring

So you’ve left behind lackluster employees in 2014, good for you! Many employers take the opportunity of the new year to revamp their employee base and recommit to forming the best possible team. While a well-intentioned cleaning of house may help get rid of workers who just weren’t cutting it anymore, it does not necessarily replace them with the ideal candidates right away. The hiring process can take time, so be sure to give yourself a bit of that before going through with a full round of firings. Get to know your applicants beforehand with employee background checks; this way, you will be able to decide which ones seem like they will be the right fit for your company early on. When you bring these individuals in for their interviews, you can then get a better sense of their personality and experience by talking with them one-on-one without having to meet with dozens of unqualified applicants first.

Make Hiring the Right People Your New Year’s Resolution

If your company underperformed last year or is simply in need of a change, then changing up your employees can be just the thing to inject new life into your day-to-day business. Make it your resolution to hire only the best with employee background checks!

AIR Pre-Hire in Reisterstown, MD, conducts accurate and verified universal background screening, so you will have thorough background checks on your employees. Here at AIR Pre-Hire we don’t simply check the basic information, we dig deep to identify inconsistencies and make sure your potential employees (as well as existing employees) are acceptable for hire. This is the human element of our custom pre-screening service. You can count on us for timely, verified pre-screening and employee re-screening.

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