What to Look for in Seasonal Employees

Tis the season for holiday sales, shoppers, and a whole new workforce to assist with them! This time of year, there is a major push for companies to hire seasonal employees to help keep up with the heightened demand for services. While this need is generally beneficial to job-seekers, what about the companies who are doing the seeking? Does the time-sensitive need for seasonal employees lead to hires being made too quickly and without enough scrutiny? Read on to find out how to avoid making a poor seasonal hiring decision with help from pre-employment screening services.

seasonal hiresPre-Employment Screening Weeds Out Poor Candidates for Seasonal Jobs

Too often, employers make the mistake of not treating their seasonal employee search like they would a typical search. They often skip over crucial parts of the hiring process, such as background checks and in-depth interviews, for the sake of getting the position filled as quickly as possible. But this benefits no one, and can in fact lead to problems down the line. Seasonal jobs are a competitive market, and many different types of people will apply for them. It is important to weed out poor candidates with pre-employment screening services so that the pool of applicants is narrowed only to those who would actually make good permanent hires, if even the opportunity.

Employers should be on the lookout for certain traits in their seasonal employees. First and foremost, the new hires should be able to learn and adapt quickly, as there will be limited time for training during the busy holiday season. Reliability is also a trait to prioritize; you are only hiring extra people over the holidays because they are necessary to keep the workload balanced, so if they do not show up for their shift, you are right back where you started! Through pre-employment screening, you can rest easy that these quick-thinking, dependable individuals will be added to your team this holiday season.

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