What to Know About Sex Offender Records Searches

When it comes to weeding out potential risks or threats in the hiring process, conducting a sex offender record search is one of the most important steps an employer can take. Identifying candidates who have a criminal past related to sex offenses can help your company avoid making a poor hiring decision. Searches of this nature can be complex to carry out, so you should ensure that your pre-employment screening service is up to date on all of the best practices, including…

sex-offender-record …Searching both locally and nationally for criminal records. Sometimes, it is not enough to simply run a check for a sex offense-related past or a criminal background check separately. By combining multiple types of searches on both the local and national scale, you are more likely to find results. Sex offenders, for instance, can move out of one state and into another without then registering as a sex offender in that new state; a well-conducted record search will show you that.

…Searching for alternate names/aliases. Sex offenders know that their criminal past will obstruct their ability to find a job, and so they may apply for jobs using a variation on their name or an alias. But “hiding” like this is often ineffective when you use pre-employment screening services that discover aliases and highlight unwanted candidates for you.

…Searching regardless of job type. Some employers may not even think to perform a sex offender record search simply because it is not mandated by their type of job. While positions in hospitals, schools, and similar institutions might require a sex offender record search, not all jobs do. However, this does not mean that this type of search is not entirely vital to your hiring process; finding a pre-employment screening service that recognizes this and is diligent about searching for any potential risk to your company will help secure your company’s future.

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