How to Conduct an Exit Interview that Matters

When an employee gives notice and lets you know they’re taking a new position, it’s important to schedule an exit interview. We know you’ll have a lot to do to find a new hiring candidate, but a good exit interview will give you valuable information and feedback. This can help reduce employee turnover and improve management processes. Here’s how you can conduct an exit interview that matters to your company:

Honesty in Your Exit Interview

Photo: Woman conducting exit interview with man

A good exit interview will give you valuable information to improve your business.

Exit interviews can be uncomfortable. You’re asking someone to tell you the truth about what they think your company is doing wrong, they’re likely concerned about burning bridges or leaving a bad impression. How you conduct the exit interview will go a long way in getting you the actionable feedback you need. If you find face-to-face exit interviews leave you with useless feedback, consider adding a written or digital component. Some people are more comfortable articulating their feedback in writing, so they can avoid accidental faux pas.

Ask The Right Questions in Your Exit Interview

The right questions for an exit interview will give the employee a chance to give honest feedback — the kind you’re less likely to hear during performance reviews or office surveys. What led the employee to search for a new job, and why did they accept this new offer? What could the company have done differently to keep the employee? Did the employee feel like they were given the right tools and resources to do the job?

Questions need to be inviting. You want the employee to offer suggestions about things to improve. Confrontational questions will only put the employee on guard — you won’t get the information you need and you give the employee a bad final impression.


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