What are the Hiring Practices of Successful Companies?

If you are managing a company, you know that the results you see are only as good as the team you assemble. So what is it, exactly, that sets some businesses apart from others when it comes to selecting their new hires? Everyone wants to pick the best candidate for the job, but does the way in which you go about picking him or her affect your company’s overall success? AIR Pre-Hire has some insight to share on the hiring practices of successful companies.

 Going into detail

When interviewing a potential employee, successful companies delve deeper than the standard “what would you say your strengths are?” kinds of questions. They go beyond simply asking about strengths and weaknesses and prompt the interviewee to give specific examples that illustrate their characteristics. No longer is saying “I’m very organized” enough to impress a boss-to-be; candidates should be ready to talk about the time they optimized and color-coded an entire schedule to really prove that they’re more than just words.

 Checking all the facts

But how do you, as the employer, trust that the candidate is, in fact, more than just words? While putting interviewees on the spot and asking them for specific examples can be an effective way of weeding out the less qualified, a candidate could just as easily have rehearsed an example to share in the event their skills were called into question. Verify after the interview with pre-employment screening services from AIR Pre-Hire. We can check in with an applicant’s references to ensure that they are just as organized (or efficient, or cooperative, etc.) as he or she says, and we will also look into any other potentially problematic areas in an applicant’s past.

To be a successful company, you have to hire like a successful company. Leave no stone unturned and call AIR Pre-Hire today for more information on pre-employment screening services.


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