A How-to Guide to Hiring Recent College Grads

With many college seniors getting ready to don their caps and gowns in just a few short months, employers can expect to see a heavy influx of brand-new applicants shortly thereafter. Recent college grads represent a unique demographic of the working population; oftentimes, they do not have extensive work experience and their credentials are largely limited to academic achievements. Nevertheless, many companies may find it cost-effective and beneficial to hire young people fresh to the workforce, so long as they know how to find the best picks amongst these grads. Read on to find out more!

hiring-college-gradsHow the Hiring Process Changes When Dealing with Recent Grads

When hiring a recent college grad, the background checks and prescreening you conduct become all the more influential. Because a person who is just out of school may not have had many jobs in the “real world,” any work experience they do have is going to be worth looking into. The same can be said for any references they have listed; even if the reference is a professor or academic advisor instead of an employer, the information they have to share about the applicant can still be extremely useful in the hiring process. Consider also that a recent college grad may not yet be fully comfortable at a job interview, as well; their nerves might prevent them from sharing important information that a background check will unearth easily.

By prescreening all of your potential employees, you will find the people that are best-suited for the job, regardless of the extent of their experience. A recent college grad may end up being one of the best employees you have on your team, and you will have extended a valuable opportunity to someone who needs to establish their career.

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