Why are Exit Interviews Important?

exit interviews

Exit interviews are an important tool for employers to use as a way of communication.

Do you really know why your employees are leaving the company? Exit interviews allow your managers to have a conversation with the employee in an attempt to find out why they are leaving. These interviews can lead to many insightful tips that could improve your business and help you avoid other employees leaving as well. Let’s take a look at why your company should be holding exit interviews.

What is the Purpose of an Exit Interview?

A proper exit interview will give you insight on the strengths and weaknesses of both the managers and the organization as a whole. It is a useful tool for managers to gain information on how they can improve all aspects of the work environment. Whether it is the work culture, day to day operations, processes, management style, or employee morale, these interviews can give you useful information to help retain your other employees.

Why are Exit Interviews Important?

Exit interviews give the company the chance to get the opinions of employees who are leaving. While your company should be checking in with employees regularly, employees who are leaving and have turned in their resignation are far more likely to open up and be honest about why they are unhappy. They will also be able to offer constructive criticism on how they perceive the company, how it is run, management styles, and the current pay grade. During these interviews, make sure to take notes and records of each grievance or criticism. By keeping track and examining the outcome of exit interviews over time, you may begin to see trends and patterns of why people are leaving the organization. These interviews will also give the employer a chance to resolve any issues that could cause an employee to leave on bad terms.

Whether you are conducting exit interviews on your own or they are being interviewed by your HR representative, it is important to clear the air and have an open dialogue with the employee. Exit interviews are a useful tool that can help to improve your company for the better.


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