What Every Employer Wants and How to Find It

When it comes to finding the hires for your company, you will have to consider more than just the black and white details. While having the appropriate skill set for the job is of course one of the most important factors, it is not and should not be the deciding factor. Employers should pay close attention to the personalities of their future employees; they can determine this through the interview process, naturally, but through background checks, it is easier than ever to gain a big-picture view of an applicant’s personality. Read on to find out what some of the most sought-after personality traits in employees are, and stay tuned for part two to this blog entry!

Employee Personalities  Three Must-Have Personality Traits of Employees

Positivity. Plenty of factors can slow down productivity in an office, but perhaps none so much as a negative attitude. Negativity from one person almost always leads to lowered morale throughout the office as a whole, which creates a work environment that no one wants. A positive person, on the other hand, can be just as helpful as a negative person is harmful when it comes to morale. A good attitude, you’ll find, is infectious.

-Self-Motivation. Having to constantly police and baby-sit your employees is neither something you want to do nor something you have the time to do. What you want is an employee described by their references as a self-starter, and as someone who will be motivated by their own work ethic (rather than reminder after reminder) to get things done.

-Team-Players. Just as it is important to have an employee who will work well independently, it is equally important to find ones that can collaborate effectively and cooperate within a team environment. It is true what they say, that two (or more!) heads are better than one, and a true team player employee proves this.

Through background checks, you can discover from the references and past employers of an applicant whether they have these three valuable personality traits.

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