What Every Employer Wants and How to Find It- Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed three of the most sought-after personality traits of new hires that employers should be searching for.

With the comprehensive benefits of a background check, employers can come to understand who the applicants they are interviewing for a given position are and whether or not they possess the traits that their company will need most. Read on to find out three more of the top traits employers want in their employees and how these traits can come to light thanks to pre-employment screening services.

Personality Traits of New Hires Three Must-Have Personality Traits of Employees

-Organized. An employee who allows their desk to get a little cluttered may not seem like the worst thing in the world, but you have to consider all of the potential consequences of a disorganized person’s actions. Important files can be lost, documents misplaced, schedules ignored, and memos neglected. Someone who is organized clearly values the importance of these kinds of things enough to go the extra mile to keep everything in sight and well-managed.

-Confidence. This is a particularly important trait for certain kinds of workers, such as sales people and customer service representatives, to have. A confident presence does so much for the good of your company: people are put at ease when they believe the people they are working with know what they are doing and are good at doing it. Confident employees are also more likely to speak up if there is a problem or issue that needs resolving, meaning that you will never feel out-of-touch with the needs of your business.

-Capable of dealing with pressure. An employee who caves easily under pressure will not be much good to you when it counts. Someone who can remain calm and collected, however, while still churning out quality work is definitely a keeper.

Discover more about the personalities of your applicants with background checks and pre-employment screening services.

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