Ending the Year with Employee Exit Interviews

At the beginning of a new year, there is an unfortunate trend that can affect businesses nationwide. Many employees decide that they want to make a career change, switch locations, or try out a new job, all of which mean that they leave their current position. This mass exodus of employees can leave employers in a lurch, scrambling to fill empty offices with new workers who will be more committed to their jobs than the previous set. But one of the keys to finding and keeping these committed candidates will be discovering why exactly their predecessors decided to leave and addressing any company-based issues that were part of their reasoning. How to do this? With exit interviews conducted by AIR Pre-Hire!

exitinterviewsExit Interviews Reduce Employee Turnover in the New Year

Exit interviews, while they may not seem important, are actually vital to the long-term success of your company. When you suffer from high rates of employee turnover, not only do you lose workers, but your company’s reputation can be affected as well. People may wonder why it is so difficult for you to retain employees, and subsequently these same people will not apply for positions with your company. This means missing out on some potentially stellar candidates! If your employee retention rate is low due to perceived problems within the company itself, exit interviews can help to reveal this. Employees will be able to speak freely about what they disliked about working for the company, in many cases providing you with the information you need to address these issues and improve office morale and efficiency easily!

When you conduct exit interviews, you give your company the tools to improve from the ground up and become a better, stronger business. Make your new year the best one yet for your company with help from AIR Pre-Hire!

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