Employee Turnover: The Enemy of Effective Business

Are you noticing a trend of high employee turnover in your business? Are you making hires only to have to turn around and fire that person within a few months, or watch them leave for another job altogether? If you are, you are no doubt getting stuck in the cycle of having to start the hiring process anew fairly frequently throughout the year, which can be a serious problem. High employee turnover rates are the enemy of effective business practices; read on to find out just exactly why.

employee-turnover-ratesWhat Are the Negative Effects of Employee Turnover?

When you cannot keep an employee at your company, this has far-reaching effects that can damage the very fabric of your business. Here are some of the top consequences of high employee turnover rates:

Lowered Morale. Other employees, though they may show their loyalty by staying, will see that their co-workers are leaving and may be disheartened by that fact. This in turn could lead to a slump in productivity and overall positivity throughout the office.

Wasted Time. Time is money in the business world, and for every minute you spend interviewing new candidates to take the place of an employee who has left, you waste that much time that could and should have been devoted to important matters.

Lost Profits. The biggest impact that a high employee turnover rate can have on your business is that it can actually cost your company money. The combination of lower productivity due to poor morale and management time being allocated for interviews means one thing: your company is spending less time doing the things it actually is meant to be doing.

In order to avoid the major problems of high employee turnover rates, utilize background checks with every hire. You’ll be able to find the employees who are qualified and who will commit to their position from the start!

AIR Pre-Hire in Reisterstown, MD, conducts accurate and verified universal background screening, so you will have thorough background checks on your employees. Here at AIR Pre-Hire we don’t simply check the basic information, we dig deep to identify inconsistencies and make sure your potential employees (as well as existing employees) are acceptable for hire. This is the human element of our custom pre-screening service. You can count on us for timely, verified pre-screening and employee re-screening.

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