What Does an Employee Background Check Cover?


Background checks and employee prescreening are the best ways to make sure a potential job candidate is the right fit for your organization.

The hiring costs for a new employee can be staggering, so you want to make the right decision. What then, does a background check cover, and how can it help you in the hiring process?

Credit Historybackground-checks

If an individual will be handling a large amount of cash or has access to certain sensitive areas of your business, it’s important to know you can trust them. While every case is unique, bankruptcy and credit issues can be a warning sign. A person normally becomes a thief because they are desperate for money. The need for money may overrule their moral beliefs, and you could quickly see money or products start disappearing if you hire someone in a desperate financial situation. Again, this won’t always be the case with every person in financial trouble, but it helps to give you an indication of an individuals’ stability and the amount of trust you can initially place in someone.

Drug Tests

While only 15-20 percent of background checks include drug tests, certain industries depend on these tests for their employee prescreening measures. If an individual has to operate heavy machinery or a motor vehicle, you need to ensure the safety of your customers as well as your staff. If an individual has failed a drug test, that would obviously be an unsafe fit.

Criminal History

A background check can include felony and misdemeanor chargers by county or state. When hiring for a new employee who will have a large access to credit cards, some background checks will show identity theft and false criminal reporting. This is important to know. As a business owner, it’s your job to protect your customers, and they deserve to have their information kept safe and secure. They trust you enough to engage in transactions, so you need to offer that same level of trust and respect.

Previous Employment Verification

Employee screening by verifying previous employment is one of the best tools to gain an accurate picture on a potential job candidate. Sometimes the employee may state that they worked at a certain job longer than they really did to make it seem like they are more stable. Also, an employee may completely leave off a job from their resume because of an issue with their previous employer. It’s important to verify what a job applicant is telling you.

You are probably a great judge of character, but background checks an employee prescreening are tools to help you find the best candidate possible.

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