Education Verification: A Pre-Employment Essential?

It is a fairly safe bet that any applicant will tweak or augment their resume to look more appealing to a potential employer. But while some of these changes are minor and harmless (claiming an intermediate proficiency with Microsoft Excel when all you have is a beginner’s level is not a make-or-break issue), others can involve much larger lies. Some applicants will even lie about their educational background, making education verification an essential part of the pre-employment screening process. Read on to find out more!

education-verificationWhy Lie About Your Educational Background on a Job Application?

The reason why so many applicants choose to lie about their education is a simple one: they want to ensure they look good on paper. If you are deciding between one applicant who attended a small, locally-known college versus one who attended a big-name, prestigious university, chances are you will pay more attention to the latter. While it is certainly risky to say you graduated from a well-known school when you did not, many applicants believe that no one will think to check, or that big schools have so many students going in and out that verifying a single name will be too difficult. Other students may lie simply to convince a potential employer that they did, in fact, graduate. They may have attended Smith University for a few years before dropping out but still recorded a graduation date on their resume. With more employers interested in hiring college grads, it is easy to see why someone may do this, but it does not make it an acceptable practice.

By using education verification services, employers are able to determine the true of their applicant’s college claims. With the wrong candidates out of the way, it becomes that much easier to find the right ones!

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