Is Drug Testing Important to Employers?

The trend of employers ordering professional drug testing services has continued its increase in popularity lately and shows no signs of stopping. Why is this, you ask? While in the past employers may not have seen the need or importance of conducting drug testing in the workplace, it has become more and more apparent that a drug-free work environment produces higher success rates and better overall quality for any business endeavor. Read on to find out more.

drugtestingWhen and Why are Employers Having Drug Testing Performed?

Over 90 percent of employers have their employees engage in drug testing upon initially being hired, and more and more are including current employees in their tests as well.

-88 percent of drug testing is conducted prior to an employee’s first day on the job

-63 percent of drug testing is conducted “as needed,” e.g., for random sampling

-61 percent is conducted when employers feel they have a reasonable suspicion

-59 percent is conducted during the investigation of a specific incident

No matter what the exact timing of drug testing is, it shows employers valuable information that can affect their company. Employers need to be able to rely on their employees and trust that they will consistently represent their company in a positive way. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, an employee will not be able to put forth the right kind of image, and can subsequently jeopardize the entire business. By ordering drug testing from a pre-employment screening service, your company can take a valuable and productive step forward in maintaining the right kind of workplace.

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