Drug Testing in the Age of Legalized Marijuana

While marijuana would still have a long way to go before it becomes a nationally-legalized drug, two states have already approved it for recreational use and still more have approved it for medical use over the last decade. As marijuana becomes a more common and accessible drug, how are employers coping with this change in the status quo? Read on to find out more.

legalized-marijuana-and-workEmployers Continue to Value Drug Testing as Marijuana Becomes More Prevalent

In states where marijuana usage has been legalized for either recreational or medical purposes, employers have to consider their hiring decisions a bit more carefully. Drug testing could reveal that a job applicant or current employee has used marijuana, though the test itself does not reveal the reason why. If an employer chooses to be tolerant of employees who have been prescribed medical marijuana, they must verify through background checks that the prescription the employee has is a legitimate one and that their usage of the drug will be restricted to non-working hours.

More frequently, however, it seems that employers are retaining the same zero-tolerance policies towards drug use as they did before states began legalizing marijuana for their different reasons. Employers have the right to order drug testing and to have the results of those tests play a role in their hiring and firing decisions if they believe an employee who has used drugs could pose any kind of threat to their company and its reputation. Statistics have shown that different organizations and businesses have taken “adverse action” against those individuals who have tested positive for marijuana, even in the cases of a medical marijuana prescription. 63 percent of businesses did this with potential job candidates and 56 percent did so with employees currently working at their company.

To determine whether your employees are using marijuana or other drugs, ordering professional drug testing is the key.

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