County, State, or Federal Records: Which Are The Most Reliable?

When conducting background checks into the lives of your potential employees, it is important to be sure you are obtaining reliable information. Any misrepresentations or misunderstandings could jeopardize your company’s chances of making a truly valuable hire, and so you need to pay close attention to the validity of the sources that you are using. One way to ensure that you are obtaining reliable and accurate information is by taking advantage of employee pre-screening services and looking into the county, state, and federal records of a given applicant. But which of these options can you count on to provide the best information possible? Read on to find out.

county-state-federalThe Value of County Records

An applicant’s county records are the most likely to provide accurate information. The reason for this is simple: because county records only have to account for the local level, there are fewer records total to deal with and thus, they are more manageable overall. County records will include information pertaining to court records, arrests, and pending cases an applicant may be involved in.

The Value of State Records

State databases, in states that make that data available, do include information that is relevant to your hiring decision. Because the state records encompass a larger number of people, however, the information they contain may not be as comprehensive or recent as county records. Performing both records searches together can increase your chances of uncovering important details regarding an applicant.

The Value of Federal Records

If an applicant you are considering has a federal record, then this is information you should have. A federal record would be kept regarding violations of federal law: large-scale crimes such as drug trafficking and fraud. Using federal, state, and county records together can help you go into your final hiring decision with confidence!

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