The Biggest Reasons Employees Get Fired- Part Two

Getting FiredIn an earlier blog, we already discussed some of the top reasons that employees get fired from their jobs: damaging company property, keeping drugs or alcohol in the workplace, and poor performance. But there are other reasons that employers find it necessary to let go some of their employees, leading to a high turnover rate within the company. How can you avoid this constant firing and hiring process? Use employee screening services to identify problems before they even begin! Read on to find out more of the biggest reasons employees get fired and what you can do to bypass these issues early on.

You rely on the people you hire to be there and be ready to work; it is essential to your company’s overall productivity and success. But what if you find a certain worker is taking too much time off? This is another big cause of firing because if employees don’t show up to work, than what is the point of keeping them around? You can discover by employee screening and discovering what an applicant’s references have to say about their punctuality and attendance before committing to a perpetually absent employee.

While an office can start to feel like a close-knit family, the bottom line is that it is a place of business. Using company property for personal reasons is a major don’t, yet employees do it all the time. Making personal calls during office hours, copying flyers for their weekend yard sale with the company printer, using common-use stamps to mail private letters, the list goes on and on. This is another issue that studying up on an applicant’s references and work history can help you avoid.

Along those lines, theft is another big reason that employees get fired. Whether they habitually pilfer Post-It notes or do something on a larger scale, taking supplies away from the company means taking money away from the company, and that cannot be tolerated. Employee screening can help you identify the potential thieves before they are hired, leaving you with a group of only the most responsible employees .

AIR Pre-Hire in Reisterstown, MD, conducts accurate and verified universal background screening, so you will have thorough background checks on your employees. Here at AIR Pre-Hire we don’t simply check the basic information, we dig deep to identify inconsistencies and make sure your potential employees (as well as existing employees) are acceptable for hire. This is the human element of our custom pre-screening service. You can count on us for timely, verified pre-screening and employee re-screening.

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