The Biggest Reasons Employees Get Fired- Part One

Ever wonder why some jobs seem to have a high turnover rate, or why some companies just can’t seem to keep a certain position filled? More than likely, it has little to do with the company itself, and everything to do with the individual employees. Forming a reliable, responsible team is no easy feat, and sometimes the weakest links are only visible once they have been working with the company for a while. So what are the biggest reasons employers fire their employees, and how can you avoid this headache with employee screening? Read on to find out!

Employees Fired?One of the top reasons that employees get fired is for damaging company property. And that means more than inadvertently jamming the stapler; damaging company property would consist of deliberately breaking equipment, shredding files, or similar acts that could either have a negative effect on company productivity, integrity, or both. By using employee screening to determine whether or not an applicant has a violent or criminal past, you can potentially offset the risk of this kind of behavior happening.

Another major cause of firing is for keeping drugs or alcohol in the workplace. Employees with substance abuse issues sometimes try to stash or hide their drug of choice in their office. While it is important for these individuals to get the treatment they need for their addictions, it is equally important that this issue be avoided altogether by way of the employee screening process; otherwise, fellow coworkers could be endangered.

Perhaps one of the most commonly-thought-of reasons that employees are let go is simply due to poor performance. Employees may have falsified their resumes or work histories in order to appear more qualified for the job, but in the end, there is no hiding a lack of experience when called to carry out certain tasks. Employee screening can identify these false records from the start, meaning you will only end up hiring the best person for the job.

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