“Banning the Box” in Yet Another State

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, the “Ban the Box” measure is a piece of legislation that seeks to eliminate the box on the standard job application where an applicant would have to indicate whether or not he or she had ever been convicted of a felony. While many of the states that have adopted this law have only had it pertain to public employers, the latest state to join the ranks, New Jersey, has ruled it applicable to private employers as well. So what should you, as an employer, know about the “ban the box” measure and how it affects your rights to conduct background checks? AIR Pre-Hire has the information you’re looking for.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed the legislation to “ban the box” on August 11. New Jersey’s version of the law is officially called the Opportunity to Compete Act, acknowledging the increased chance it gives to former convicted felons to apply for jobs that they would otherwise be excluded from based on their criminal history. This ban extends to private employers, as do similar measures taken in other states: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Illinois. The essential purpose of these laws is to eliminate the discrimination that those convicted of a felony experienced during their job seeking process. Because the former system only allowed an applicant to report whether they had been convicted of a felony, and not explain the full set of circumstances behind that conviction, banning the box allows more equal opportunity across the board.

That being said, the ban the box measure does not prevent employers from proceeding with standard background checks from a service such as AIR Pre-Hire. These background checks will reveal the information that is essential to an employer’s decision-making process and allow only qualified candidates to be considered for a position.

Ban the Box

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