Ban the Box Update: What States Have Adopted the Law?

In previous blogs, we discussed the controversial “ban the box” measure that has been gaining traction in many different states across the country. The “box” that legislators are looking to ban is the one found on most standard job applications that is intended for applicants to use to indicate whether or not they have ever been convicted of a crime. Supporters of the measure point to the fact that simply checking the box does not give an applicant adequate time and space to explain the exact circumstances of their conviction, not even whether it was overturned at a later date. But employers arguing against banning the box say that it plays a vital role in their company’s hiring process. So what is the latest news with the ban the box measure in the U.S.? Read on to find out!

Ban-the-Box-UpdateIllinois is Added to the List of Box-Banning States

At the beginning of the New Year, Illinois became one of the latest states to implement a “ban the box” measure into its legislature. Their version of the law stipulates that not only does the criminal conviction box not appear on a job application but also that employers cannot perform checks into an applicant’s criminal history until after the applicant has been informed that they will be officially interviewing for the position.

In states with ban the box laws such as this one in place, the importance of background checks for employers increases greatly. While the single fact of a criminal conviction alone may not be enough to give a comprehensive and accurate view of an employee, it may play into the chances of a candidate’s potential for success at a given company, and so it must be information that they employer has before making an offer. Background checks can help keep companies safe and liability-free, even in states with ban the box measures on the books.

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