Ban the Box Update: Why Criminal History Still Matters

As we’ve discussed in past blogs, more and more states are seeking to pass the “Ban the Box” measure, a bill that would allow job candidates who have been convicted of felonies to not disclose that information on their applications. The Ban the Box initiative has gained a lot of support because many feel that it removes an unfair question from most standard job applications and affords more people opportunities to find careers they are well-suited for, regardless of their criminal history. But should that mean no employer should have access to this vital information?

Oregon Joins 16 States with Ban the Box Policiescriminal-history

The House of Representatives for the state of Oregon recently voted to pass House Bill 3025, their state’s version of the Ban the Box measure. In addition to Oregon, 16 other states (of which Maryland is one) have passed official legislation to remove the question regarding felony charges from job applications. Individual companies have adopted their own Ban the Box measures as well, such as the multi-billion dollar company Koch Industries. The situation that Ban the Box measures put employers in is a difficult one to deal with: while providing equal opportunities to all applicants is important, some aspects of an applicant’s criminal history will be important for an employer to know about.

The solution to this dilemma is a relatively simple one: employee background checks. By utilizing a service that completes employee background checks, your company can still gain insight into the criminal history of an applicant despite not having questions relevant to it on the application itself. Background checks are not in violation of Ban the Box measures put into action by most states and can provide you with a wide range of information that you need in order to make the right hiring decision.

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