Is the “Ban the Box” Measure Gaining Traction?

We talked a few weeks ago in our blog about the mission to ban the prior conviction box on job applications. The number of states where individual cities and counties have gone ahead with the prior conviction box ban now totals 26, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey. Why is it, exactly, that so many municipalities are opting to remove this part of the standard job application? And will the absence of the box on job applications affect an employer’s ability to perform a routine background check on their applicants?

The answer to the second question is a short one: quite simply, no. Employment verification and background check services such as those offered by AIR Pre Hire are still available to employers who want to ensure they are making the right hire for their company. However the answer to the first question is a bit more complicated, mainly because there are two distinct sides both for and against the box ban measure.

Those against the prior conviction box argue that it does not provide an employer enough context to truly make an informed decision about their potential employee. And to some extent this is true; the prior conviction box on job applications only asks the applicant to check it if they have at some point been committed of a felony. There is no place to explain what the felony charges were, how long ago they occurred, or how they came to be convicted. This is where background checks come in; a background check, no matter whether or not an applicant has had to indicate any prior convictions on their application, can reveal more information about any past criminal activity and provide adequate information about the circumstances that many employers value over the fact of the conviction itself. AIR Pre Hire can work with companies to ensure that no matter what, they are able to make the right decisions during the hiring process.

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