Bad Hire Blues? Fix It with Background Checks! Pt. 1

It happens to every boss at one point or another: that new hire you made not months ago— the one that showed such promise and potential—turns out to be a dud. Making a bad hire is not something any employer wants to have to deal with, but it is almost always inevitable. Almost.

Using prescreening services, such as background checks, can help nip problem employees in the bud from the start rather than allowing a new hire to turn sour. So what are some of the signs of a bad hire, and how can you use background checks more strategically in the future to avoid them? Read on to find out.

bad-hire-bluesYou’ve hired a complainer.

Let’s say your bad hire is maybe not terrible at getting their work done or meeting deadlines, but they never stop complaining as they do. A complaining employee is bad for office morale and bad for the overall image of your company, and it is best to cut them loose. When pursuing a replacement hire, take advantage of the results your background checks bring forth and see what the applicants’ references have to say about them. Chances are, a complainer will have demonstrated similar behavior at their past job; a reference will be able to let you know

You’ve hired a “boundary-pusher.”

Establishing a friendly working environment is essential to keeping everyone in the office happy. But occasionally, you will run into an employee who tries to become overly familiar with their coworkers, someone who is constantly pushing for a closer relationship than is appropriate. When you go to make a new hire to replace this bad hire, use your background checks to see whether an applicant has had complaints of this nature filed against him or her in the past- it could save you a lot of headache down the line!

Check back with our blog for Part 2 of this “Bad Hire Blues” Series!

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