How do Background Checks Reduce Company Liability?

company liability

Performing a background check on potential employees does more than simply ensure an individual has not lied about his or her past, it can also be an essential step towards protecting your company. Without extensive, professionally conducted background checks, your company may be putting itself at risk for a negligent-hiring lawsuit. What exactly do those types of lawsuits entail? AIR Pre-Hire has the answers you are looking for.

When you allow a new person into your company, you are giving them access to a wide variety of confidential or sensitive information, including information on personnel, finances, and company practices. If they cannot be trusted around such information, due to a either a criminal past or another aspect of their employment history, then you, as the employer, need to know this information. Think of how quickly a situation with an untrustworthy employee could spiral out of control: he or she might misuse company money for personal gains and put the entire business at risk in the process. This not only affects the business itself, but the other employees who rely on their income and the customers and clients who entrust their investment to you. Because of this, your company could end up being sued, all due to the actions of one deceitful individual.

In order to prevent these kinds of things from happening, it is essential that you have a professional pre-employment screening service such as AIR Pre-Hire perform background checks on potential hires. It is the best way to protect your company’s liability and ensures that you are assembling the best team possible.

Learn about our research and verification services today. We offer employment verifications, education verificationsworkers’ compensation recordsdriving recordscriminal records search and other informative background checks. View our complete list of screening services on our website.

AIR Pre-Hire in Reisterstown, MD, conducts accurate and verified universal background screening, so you will have thorough background checks on your employees. Here at AIR Pre-Hire we don’t simply check the basic information, we dig deep to identify inconsistencies and make sure your potential employees (as well as existing employees) are acceptable for hire. This is the human element of our custom pre-screening service. You can count on us for timely, verified pre-screening and employee re-screening.


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