4 Moves to Avoid in an Interview

interview mistakes to avoid

Don’t just appear confident; appear interesting.

Are you getting ready for a big interview? You probably already know the basics: don’t use an informal email, don’t show up late, and make strong eye contact. But there are other common mistakes that hiring candidates tend to make during the interview, even when they feel confident and prepared. Take some time to focus on these issues to make sure that you leave a good, strong impression.

Don’t Act Desperate

According to career coach and consultant Laura Garnett, one of the most unprofessional moves you can make is to act desperate during the interview. This means that you should try not to say yes to everything; instead, show curiosity and discuss the questions. Confidence is key to not coming off as desperate. Explain how you are a good fit for the company and how the position plays into your strengths. However, don’t ramble on for too long; if you talk about yourself nonstop, your interviewer may become bored and view you as a desperate candidate who may not be telling the truth about their strengths.

Don’t Hide Your Personality

You may go through all the motions of an interview, leave feeling confident, and then find out that you didn’t get the job. Hiring managers have to interview many candidates and ask them all similar questions. If you just go through the motions, it’s easy for you to blend into the mass of other candidates who all had good but unremarkable interviews. Career strategist Rajiv Nathan says that he tells potential employers a little bit about his hobbies and interests “within the first three minutes” of the interview. This sets the stage for a far more interesting, personal, and memorable interview.

Don’t Underprepare

Of course, before going to an interview, it’s important to research the company. You look at their website, read their mission statement, and find out who the founders are. But to really present yourself as a potential asset to the company, you need to do deep research. You can look up current news articles about the company to see if company representatives have made any statements that determine the direction the company is heading. If it’s a smaller company, you can read their blog and social media to get a good idea of the personality and direction of the company. When you explain how you can help the company, keep the company’s goals in mind.

Don’t Blow It On Social Media

In today’s technology-driven world, there’s so much more to getting hired than a clean resume and a good interview. Most employers will reference your social media profiles to get a more genuine idea of your personality. If you post derogatory posts on Facebook or Twitter about previous employers, teachers, or co-workers it reflects badly on how you will interact with others in the workplace. Plus, your potential employers may worry that if they were to hire you, you could blast them with bad PR on the internet the first time that something doesn’t go your way or when you exit the company. Consider your online profiles as additional resumes and take the time to polish them as well.


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