Drug testing is an important tool in keeping your business a drug-free environment. Drug use has reached epidemic levels in many parts of the United States. Naturally, businesses owners want to protect themselves and their businesses from drug users. This need for caution brought on some big changes in the hiring process: drug testing.

As a hiring manager, it is your job to make sure you hire the best applicants for the jobs. Unfortunately, people aren’t always truthful. An applicant may have a stellar resume, but when you do a bit of digging you could find out that they falsified employment information. Resume fraud is a rapidly growing problem,
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Background screening is vital for business owners and property managers alike. Insurers and creditors also sometimes use background screening to make sure they are making a wise decision. For example, when an employer wants to know more about an applicant, they will look at the person’s driving record, employment history, criminal record, and credit report.
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Like many other things, background screening is always evolving. Policies and practices change to fit an ever-changing world. Knowing where things are expected to go in the coming years can help you develop policies that will evolve and grow just as your business will.

As a hiring manager or property manager, you will be seeing your fair share of background check reports. It is your job to decipher them and decide if the applicant is a good fit for your business or property. In order to do your job well, it is important that you know the terms associated
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