Why Should You Continue to Check Your Employee’s Background?

Annual re-screening

What have your employees been up to since you’ve hired them?

Many employers assume one background check before their candidate is hired will be enough. But what happens when this employee suddenly has an arrest record? Even if you have an honor code system in place, not every employee will risk their employment by owning up to their mistakes. But by continually checking their backgrounds, you will be able to monitor their status. Let’s take a look at why you should implement an annual re-screening process.

Protects Your Business from Liability

Everything your employees do has an impact on your business. From your prestigious reputation to the sensitive information about your customers, these are things your employees deal with every day. But if your employee is arrested it could mean a damaged reputation and a severe loss in business. But re-screening your employees will help to protect your business from any liability, but especially if something occurs while your employee is on the job. For example, if one of your employees is arrested while driving under the influence in their spare time and one of their duties while at work is to drive a company vehicle, you could be liable for any accident they have while working. A continuous background check will allow you to stay up to date and to take away their responsibilities that could affect your business like driving a company car.

Honor System Doesn’t Always Work

While it may seem like the perfect system, honor systems rely on your employees’ honesty and judgment. But this system could leave you in the dark about some serious charges against your employees. The honor system doesn’t work because there is no way to really enforce it. Many employees keep their legal problems to themselves in order to avoid losing their position in your company. But in a company with re-screenings, you will be kept in the loop about current legal problems that could affect your reputation.

While it may seem like a single background check will be able to tell you everything you need to know before hiring an employee, it is important for you to continuously re-screen your employees. Annually re-screening your employees will help to maintain your reputation and help you avoid putting your business at risk.


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