Tips for Background Screening Health Care Professionals

Tips for Background Screening Health Care Professionals

Because of the nature of health care jobs, health care professionals are held to a higher standard.

Because of the nature of health care jobs, health care professionals are held to a higher standard. Background screening for health care employees should be done as thoroughly as possible. This minimizes risk to individual practitioners, and your health care organization as a whole. From tiny neighborhood clinics to huge regional medical centers, all health care professionals need to be thoroughly screened before they see patients.

Strict Background Screening Policy

One of the first things you should do for your health care facility is establish a strict and thorough background screening policy. From office staff and janitors to medical professionals, everyone you wish to employ should have to pass a background screening. Your health care facility will be handling very sensitive personal information about all of your patients, and it is your job to protect your patients and their confidential medical records.

Written Consent

Once your policy has been established, you will want to make sure you obtain any and all relevant state and federal consent forms. A reputable background screening agency will not perform the screenings you request if you do not have the applicant’s written consent to screening.

Verify Social Security Number and Address History

Your background screening process should start with verifying the candidate’s social security number and address history. If there are any discrepancies between information provided by the candidate and the information on the background screening report, it is very important that you note each one. It is also important to note any other names a candidate may have used in the past, other than their given name. Some things may not show up on a background screening report if you are looking under the wrong name.

Comprehensive Criminal Background Screening

If a criminal background screening is conducted at the level of the individual counties where a candidate has lived often provides a much more complete picture of that person’s criminal record. There is not centralized entity that stores all criminal records on a national level. You can use national criminal database searches in conjunction with the county and state screening to make sure you catch any information that may not have been disclosed.


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