Why is a Social Security Number Trace Important?

Social Security Number Trace

A social security number trace will give you an in-depth look at your potential employee.

In the beginning, employers didn’t need to trace their employee’s social security number or background. But as the age of information dawned, more employers began to wonder what their potential employees had been up to while not working or before they were hired on. But these background checks soon evolved to incorporate many other things like searching criminal records, education verifications, and sex offender registries. And today, many employers are insisting they do a social security number trace to get a complete look at their employee’s histories. Let’s take a look at what this trace.

What is a Social Security Number Trace?

A social security number trace is a search based on the number submitted by the applicant. The search itself will return all of the credit header information associated with the social security number. While it will return the header information, it is not a credit check and will not show any information on the debts due. This trace does not have anything to do with the credit score. The information returned on the trace will include all of the names, including aliases and variations, as well as date of birth and address history associated with the number. But why is this information useful to the employer? Read on to find out.

The Importance of a Social Security Number Trace

Social security number traces are important because they allow employers to look at the names and possible locations that may not have been disclosed in the application process. This search will often lead to other record searches like criminal record searches and education verifications. These searches may return more than one alias or variation for the candidate, which has not been listed on their resume or application. This alias could have been involved in criminal acts and without the help of a trace, you could be none the wiser. Performing this trace will help keep your business from making the mistake of hiring someone who could become trouble down the road.

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