What the Prior Conviction Box Ban Means for Employers

According to a recent article on Aljazeera, a new trend has emerged in the standard employee application. While in the past an applicant would have to check a box indicated whether or not he or she had ever been convicted of a felony, now states and cities nationwide are eliminating that prior conviction box from their applications. From California to Connecticut, and from Baltimore to Newark to Philadelphia, the prior-conviction box has become a thing of the past on applications for public jobs and, in some cases, on applications to work for a private employer.

The ban comes after much controversy surrounding the prior conviction box. There are strong arguments on both sides for and against the box’s inclusion on an application. Some say that it has unfairly discriminated against qualified individuals. Their felonies could have been of a relatively minor degree, or they could have ended up being acquitted of a crime, but they would still have to indicate, thanks to the box, that they had been charged with one. This is enough to turn some employers against an applicant for good. Others, however, have argued that the information provided by the prior conviction box is as essential as any other information on a job application, and that the nature of an applicant’s past crimes could negatively affect the workplace if they became common knowledge.

While the prior conviction box may be quickly disappearing from job applications nationwide, employers are still entitled to proceed with normal background checks for their applicants. Air Pre Hire can help you get the information you need about an applicant’s criminal past, even if his or her application now does not provide that information.

Civil suits

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