Keeping Our Children Safe: The Importance Of Conducting Background Checks On Bus Drivers

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Performing a thorough background check is important for any employer!

Performing background checks on teachers and school workers are always important, but what about bus drivers? It might surprise you to know that many bus drivers, despite being directly in charge of the health and safety of your children for a long time every day, are not held to the same standards as teachers and those working in a school building. With a whopping 22,000 bus crashes every year, it’s apparent that bus drivers need to be held to the same standards as those working in the school building. Why is it so important to conduct background checks on bus drivers?

Why Are There Different Standards?

Every driver of a school bus needs to have a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. However, they are not subject to the same strict rules that truck drivers are since they are not engaged in interstate commerce. In fact, many school bus drivers who would not be able to get a job working for a commercial trucking company are able to drive your child to and from school every day.

Traditional truck drivers are very closely regulated and monitored for any criminal offenses, traffic offenses, and even health issues. Bus drivers do not undergo the same continuous monitoring, so someone with serious undiagnosed health issues might be transporting your child when you aren’t.

How Can You Effectively Conduct Background Checks on Bus Drivers?

While legal standards differ from state to state and county to county, there are many ways that you can ensure a rigorous and continuous screening process for the bus drivers hired by your county. Some of the best practices for a bus driver background check program include:

  • An initial background check including:
    • Motor vehicle reports
    • Social security number search
    • Any commercial driver work history
    • A search in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS)
    • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) search
  • A second, more in-depth background check including:
    • A manual check of any employment or drug/alcohol history problems that are not listed in the CDLIS search
    • A criminal record search
  • A third and final search including:

Pre-Screening to Give You the Best Applicants

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