Are Federal Records Open to Employers?

For many employers, the kind of information supplied by an applicant in their resume is not enough. A more in-depth, clearer image of the potential employee is needed so that they can make an informed decision about whom to hire. Many employers find themselves wondering, however, what kind of information they can gain access to without crossing any sort of legal or ethical boundary. With an experienced, legitimate pre-employment screening service like AIR Pre-Hire at the helm, employers are guaranteed to learn what they need to know in an above-board fashion. With federal records being open in all federal districts, the background checks that AIR Pre-Hire conducts on your behalf will include the essential information to be found there.

What Can I Learn from an Applicant’s Federal Records?

Federal Records

Federal records keep a document of many types of activities and infractions that it could be valuable to know about as an individual’s potential future employer. If an individual has conducted types of fraud, for example, such as mail fraud and securities fraud, their federal records will reflect this. If they have committed any sort of felony, i.e. interstate drug trafficking or bank robbery, this information will also be provided. Federal records essentially keep track of any type of crime committed by the individual that would have been prosecuted in federal court. An applicant, depending on the circumstances, is not necessarily obliged to relay this information to their potential employer during the interview and hiring process, but it could nevertheless alter an employer’s hiring decision, and is therefore worth knowing.

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