Why are Civil Background Checks important?

Civil suits

You are looking to hire the best and that means looking into how employees conduct themselves out of the office. One way you can learn about the true character of your job candidates is to conduct a civil background check.

It is important to run civil background checks because, although not criminal in nature, can help you get an understanding how job candidates handle civil disputes or conflict resolution.

Where are civil records stored?

Civil records are traditional stored at the county level of the civil court. Sometimes the civil records can be stored at the federal level.

What type of information can you receive from a civil background report?

If the civil records are stored on the federal level, you can view information on the violations as related to constitutional rights. A civil suit can be filed against not only individuals but also government entities and corporations. The civil background check will include the date of birth and age of the individual. The file will show the data the civil suit was filed.

Here is a list of information you may discover on a civil background check:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle Boats
  • FAA Certifications or Aircrafts

With a civil offense people can be fined or jailed, but there is no criminal violation. When hiring employees you want to have peace of mind that your workers will not be problematic to your company or an embarrassment to your good judgement. The civil background checks are important to identify exceptions that could be costly to your job simply by being associated with the person. Remember, your employees are your brand ambassadors and they need to uphold to your company standards. Take in consideration running a background check on your employees.

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