How Can Pre-Screening Employees Build Trust in the Workplace?

In order for your workplace to run like a well-oiled machine, you first have to make sure that all of the machine’s parts are operating correctly. Your concerns are not only about productivity, however; they’re about maintaining an employee-friendly office environment where everyone feels motivated to do their best and comfortable making suggestions or setting new goals. The best way to ensure that your office environment is a positive one is through pre-screening potential employees. Not only will you get a better sense of who the people working with you are as individuals, but you’ll also be able to plan to form a team that will cooperate well together.

Why, you may ask, not just rely on the potential employee’s résumé and interview to determine whether they’ll be a good fit? Unfortunately, there are those who might exaggerate their accomplishments on a résumé, or omit key information about their employment history. Dishonesty is not at all conducive to trust in the workplace, and so any measure you can take to weed out these kinds of applicants is best. Air Pre Hire screenings can verify an employee’s job and education history to ensure that the person you see on the page is the person you will see in front of you during the hiring process.

Other elements of an applicant’s life may not show up on a résumé, but they are things that, as their future employer, you will want to know about. Air Pre Hire can check in on their personal references, the people who have the best grasp of the applicant’s personality, work ethic, and overall demeanor.

Some information you can discover during the pre-screening process comes down to the matter of safety. Drug screening, sex offender screening, and driving history screening can all be essential when hiring a new employee; knowing about a violent or unstable past can help protect your team in the future.

Knowing the people that you’re working with is the best guarantee that a trusting, loyal relationship will form between you. Pre-screening your employees with a reliable service like Air Pre Hire is the logical step to take in order to form a team that you can count on.

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