The Best Way To Handle Background Checks For Employers

background checks

How employers should conduct background checks.

When making hiring decisions, it’s always best to be as informed about potential employees as possible. When a conducting a background check it is important to have measures in place that are followed by all so that the result is always fair.

Decide When To Conduct Background Checks

Generally, waiting until you have extended an official offer to a potential employee is the best time to obtain a background check. If a company does a background check any earlier in the hiring process, it’s imperative that you make sure you are obtaining any information legally, before extending an offer to the prospective employee.

Obtain Authorization

You want to make sure that you have written authorization from the prospective employee. Typically, during the hiring process you have the ability to ask a prospective employee to sign a form requesting their authorization for your company to conduct a background check.

Be Broad And Thorough

You want to be sure that you have access to a broad spectrum of information on your prospective employees. From an applicant’s education history, previous employment, and driving history, you can obtain a broad picture of the prospective employee. Companies may end up losing some great candidates because they only looked at one specific criteria.

Be Consistent

Guarantee that the process is consistent for every applicant. This means that two applicants applying for the same exact job should also have the same exact investigations and inquiries. Although different job types may require a different level of investigation, keeping a uniform process will allow you to avoid any possible discrimination.

Use A Professional Agency To Process Your Background Check

There are great screening companies that will be able to a much better job than any individual could obtain themselves. Agencies have the experience and the means to run an extremely efficient and thorough search of any applicants. By using an agency you can eliminate any threat of seeing data that could violate some State or Federal law.


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