4 Simple Steps For Administering Background Checks On New Employees

background checks new employees

Conducting background checks on new employees is critical!

Conducting a background check on every new hire should be protocol. In fact, the main goal of a background check is to ensure that you are hiring the perfect person for the job. Therefore, you want to make sure that your background process is seamless and doesn’t add any inconvenience to your day. Here are some key steps you should take as an employer or hiring manager when conducting a background check on a new hire.

Administer Background Checks Before Hiring Individuals

To ensure you avoid any discrimination charges, screen any applicants after you have given an offer to a new hire. In fact, conducting a background check before the new hire’s first day on the job will be a great way to mitigate any risks of hiring negligent employees.

Remember To Always Ask For Employee Consent

This is a crucial step in any background check process. Gaining consent from a new hire is critical to ensure that your company is following all the rules and avoids a potential lawsuit. In fact, the FCRA has regulations in place that require all consent forms be clearly marked and easily noticeable by the new employee.

Match Your Background Screen With The Applicant’s Position

In every industry, there are a variety of positions with a myriad of job functions. Some positions require stricter screening procedures than others. As a result, hiring managers and employers need to be aware of the type of screen they are conducting on the new hire. This means they need to make sure that they match the applicant’s position with the appropriate background screen.

Invest In Online Applications

Lately, there has been a rise in the presence of online applications for background checks. In fact, investing in an online application system for background checks can alleviate any misinformation obtained from poor handwriting. Therefore, it is always a good solution to do things online when a service is available.


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